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Published White-Papers, Op-Eds,
Practitioner Pieces
and Commentary

Additional Commentary

The US is a waning economic superpower. When will policymakers realize it? (with Larry Kotlikoff). The Hill. November 2, 2022


Policy Strategies for Harnessing the Productivity Potential of AI in the U.S. (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Daniel Rock), Stanford HAI-DEL Policy Brief May 2021

70 Years of US Corporate Profits (with Simcha Barkai), PROMARKET: The Publication of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago, May 30, 2018


The Economic Impact of Digital Infrastructure: Understanding and Leveraging the Digital Transition Through Government Policy (with Maxwell Means). A Chapter “Digitalization for Sustainable Infrastructure: The Race Ahead” Edited by Carlo Secchi and Alessandro Gili for Italian Institute on International Political Studies and McKinsey & Co. 2022


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