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Work in Progress

Digital Networks

Other Digital Network

Blitzscaling and Unravelling - 2023

Examining the role of the time endurance of network effects in dynamic platform pricing decisions. 

Do Startups Invert? API Networks and Startup Exits - 2022

Examining the productivity effect of API use and network strategy on startup success. 

Joint with Jonathan Hersh and Marshall Van Alstyne

Technology as Strategy - 2022

Practitioner piece on the implications of our API research.

Joint with Jonathan Hersh and Marshall Van Alstyne

Power Law Distributions in Social Media - 2023

What determines the distribution of followers and attention in the upper tail of social media platform accounts?

Joint with Ruyu Chen and Yikai Li

Automation, Skill Biased Technological Change, and the Macroeconomics and Business of AI

Additional Automation and AI Work in Progress

I am working with Victor Ye and a team of other researchers to further develop the global simulation model in "Simulating Endogenous Global Automation." We will apply the model to understand the implications of UBI and other fiscal policy responses in different technological scenarios. We also plan to bring back-testing to this class of models for the first time to measure the reliability of our finds.

Joint with Victor Ye  

I am collaborating on an NSF grant proposal with a team of researchers to study the productivity and distributive implications of collaborative robots. Our proposal was rated "competitive" in 2023, and we will be resubmitting in 2024.

Draft proposal available upon request


 Superstars at Work: Increasing Returns to Scale Across Occupations - 2023 

Joint with Erik Brynjolfsson and Ruyu Chen

Extended abstract available


The Innovation/Complexity Tradeoff: How Bottlenecks Create Superstars and Constrain Growth - 2022 

Investigating the tradeoff between increased maximum productivity and increased production fragility in implementing more complex production processes, and the implications for firms and the economy. 

Joint with Erik Brynjolfsson

Working paper available

Identifying the Multiple Skills in Skill Biased Technological Change - 2019

Joint with Erik Brynjofsson, Frank MacCrory, and George Westerman

Working paper available

Robots: Curse or Blessing? A Basic Framework - 2015 

Joint with Jeff Sachs and Guillermo Lagarda

Working paper available

General Information Systems Research

Additional General Information Systems Research

Speedruns and the Science of Science - 2023

Joint with Kai Zhu and Kyle Myers

Essay on how digital technologies are increasing the importance of power-law distributions in the economy 

Joint with Erik Brynjolfsson

IT and the Age of Leaders - 2023

Joint with Frank Li

Other Research in Progress

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